PetraClean Facial Tissues


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PetraClean Facial Tissues are made from 2 ply tissue paper, making them both absorbent and strong, while still soft on the face and nose.

With carton contains 48 boxes with 100 tissues in each box. In our experience, small offices with 6-10 employees can expect 1 carton to last around 9 months, while large offices with 20-30 employees can expect 1 carton to last approximately 4 months*.

Quick Look

  • Made of 2 ply tissue paper, guaranteeing high absorption rates while also being soft on the face.
  • 100 sheets per box.
  • 48 boxes per carton.


2ply, 100 sheets per box, 48 boxes per carton.

*Consumption figures are approximate. For help figuring out how much paper your office needs, please call us.
*Shipping is free for entire Perth Metro area.


100 sheet boxes, 48 boxes per carton