PetraClean Compact Hand Towels



PetraClean Compact Paper Towels are made from extra thick, 1 ply paper, with a substantial weight of 42 grams per square metre. Both absorbent and strong, these interfold sheets are ideal for office settings.

With 2,400 sheets per carton, (20 packs per carton, with 120 sheets per carton) PetraClean Ultraslim Hand Paper Towels are ideal for office of all sizes. In our experience, small offices with 6-10 employees can expect 1 carton to last around 1 month, while large offices with 20-30 employees can expect 2 cartons to last approximately 1 month*.

Quick Look

  • Made of 1 ply extra thick paper, guaranteeing great absorption (no penalty for not being multiple ply).
  • At 42 grams per square metre (gsm), paper is ideal for absorbing water and other liquids, whether cleaning surfaces or drying hands.
  • 2,400 sheets per carton make it ideal for small to large offices/workplaces.
  • PetraClean Compact Hand Paper Towels fit in standard compact paper towel dispensers. PetraClean also have our own brand of dispensers we are able to fit your premises out with.
  • Each sheet of paper measures 19.5cm x 25cm unfolded.
  • Each sheet of paper measure 19.5cm x 5cm when folded.
  • Each pack contains 120 sheets.
  • Looking for something a little bigger? Check out our PetraClean Slimline Hand Paper Towels.


1 ply, 19cm x 25cm interfold sheets, 42gsm paper, 120 sheets per pack x 20 individually wrapped packs, 2,400 sheets per carton.

*Consumption figures are approximate. For help figuring out how much paper your office needs, please call us.
*Shipping is free for entire Perth Metro area.


2,400 sheets per carton